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To try to give a complete picture of what we now know about Past Lives and Inter Lives would fill volumes, and in fact, has.

Two prominent psychiatrists who have interviewed thousands of clients are BRIAN WEISS and MICHAEL NEWTON, and they have written many books on the subject. Check them out on your favourite search engine, or click on the above links, and you will get many references to their books (most available as e-books), as well as TV interviews with these men. Both started off as complete skeptics, but the similarity of the stories, particularly in the spirit/soul "Inter Life" period, is extremely convincing. In this Soul Regression practice, the stories that clients tell are so similar, even with those who have read nothing about this realm, lead to the impression that it is real, and further, that the life you lead now is just part of a much bigger picture: reality is in the spirit world, where you can remember all your previous lives, and learn from them.

Modern quantum physics keeps getting weirder and weirder as physicists study it. As just one example, the physics behind quantum entanglement is just not understood, but it has been very carefully studied, and verified, even though it makes no sense at all. Similarly, the predictions of Einstein's General Relativity have been proven many times, and there is not a single experiment that has disproven any of his concepts.
An excellent overview of the topic.